Get the copy & paste business in a box for an unbelievable price...

➡️ Special Message from Founder, Mike Lantz! 

So, how can you handle the attack of the “Karen” customer?

You know the one who can't be pleased, throws a wild temper tantrum and then asks to speak to the manager over the slightest inconvenience.

For businesses that’s just the beginning of the headache…

Sure it causes chaos in the moment, but oftentimes the “Karen” turns to social media reviews to make sure everyone knows their point. 

And as the data points out... this can become a huge problem that can impact the business' profits!

ONE Negative Review can cost a Business Up to 30 Customers

85% of Consumers Trust Reviews as much as Personal Recommendations

95% of Consumers Read Online Reviews Before Making a Purchase

Positive Reviews Can Create Up to An 18% Increase in Sales

Truth is, most businesses don’t respond or don’t know how to...

Which leaves them vulnerable to losing businesses because future review readers can’t tell if it was an unreasonable customer or the business.  

But, what if there was a way you could stop spending endless hours managing reviews and struggling to craft the perfect response each Karen attack?

If there was a copy & paste business in a box that could turn negative experiences into the reason future review readers will do business with your customer!

Look no further, because what you are about to see will revolutionize your review management process like never before.

As a matter of fact... This might be one of the easiest and fastest ways to turn prospects into paying customers you've ever seen!

This is an incredible high-value, low-tech solution that doesn’t require...

❌ Websites or Landing Pages! 
❌ Social Posting or Makeovers!  
❌ Ad Designs or Traffic Campaigns!

Instead, it's a NEW, simple copy & paste business in a box that will give you an edge over the competition and can help you get paid every month! 

Be the first to see the groundbreaking "copy & paste" copy & paste business in a box for an unbelievable price...

YES, I WANT Review Responder!

Welcome To The NEW Ai Review Responder!

After years of extensive research, Review Responder truly is the one of the most innovative reputation solutions in the market today!

Review Responder isn't just a tool; it's a

GAME-CHANGING copy & paste business in a box! 

It brings the future of review management to your fingertips, streamlining the way you interact with and respond to your own business and client's online reviews.

Giving you the power to become a a market leader by providing the service that every business needs now more than ever. 
See For Yourself How Easy
We've Made Review Responder!
STEP 1:  Install the Chrome Plugin
Kick off your review management journey by installing our Chrome plugin. Review Responder allows you to track responses on any review website, making it a versatile tool for your business
STEP 2: Connect Any Business
By effectively managing and responding to reviews, you can turn positive feedback into powerful social proof, and address any negative feedback promptly and professionally
STEP 3: Create Ai Responses in 1 Click!
Crafting impactful responses to customer feedback is a breeze. Our advanced AI-powered technology allows you to create thoughtful, personalized responses to reviews with just a single click

$3,500+ in NEVER-AGAIN Bonuses

Only $299/yr

YES, I WANT Review Responder!

And ...Members Get $3,500+ In Bonuses!
Complete set of marketing materials to supercharge your customer acquisition efforts!

➡️ Outbound Email Campaigns:
Gain access to expertly crafted email campaigns that will help you connect with your leads and turn them into loyal customers. No more struggling to write persuasive emails – we've got you covered!

➡️ DFY Sales Scripts, Case Study & Presentations:
Unlock our secrets that have been fine-tuned over years of experience. These scripts & presentations are designed to captivate your prospects and guide them towards making a purchase, boosting your conversion rates like never before.

➡️ DFY Agency Content Marketing Pack:
Take advantage of our social media marketing pack, loaded with ready-to-use graphics and engaging content. Then Unleash the potential of content marketing with our professionally written blog posts.
DFY Agency Sales Pack! 
($1,000 Value!)
DFY Lead Capture
Landing Page Funnel 
($1,000 Value!)
Skip the learning curve and turbocharge your lead generation efforts!

➡️ Generate Leads 24/7:
Our lead capture landing page funnel works tirelessly, even while you sleep, to attract and capture leads for your business. Say goodbye to manual lead generation – let our system do the work for you.

➡️ 1 Click Instant Offer Page Creator:
With our 1-click instant offer page creator, you can create stunning offer pages in a matter of seconds. No technical skills required – it's that easy!

➡️ Customize For Any Niche:
Whether you're in the fitness industry, real estate, or any other niche, our lead capture landing page funnel is fully customizable to suit your specific business needs. No matter your industry, we've got you covered.

➡️ Built-In Lead Manager:
Streamline your lead management process with our built-in lead manager. Easily organize and track your leads, ensuring you never miss a potential customer.
This bonus package empowers you with essential tools to effortlessly identify lucrative niches!
➡️ Research Any Niche:
Uncover invaluable insights about your target niche with our research capabilities. Stay informed about market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor analysis to gain a competitive edge.

➡️ Email And Contact Info:
Access a wealth of email addresses and contact information of potential leads within your niche. Reach out to your prospects directly and establish meaningful connections.


➡️ Discover New Revenue Opportunities

Utilize insider details on your prospects to discover how you can provide the perfect service they're missing!

Website Spy Lead Software
($1,000 Value!)
Live Immersion Training:
How to Close Residual Sales!
($500 Value!)
Learn the exact step by step process for doubling or tripling your income with easy upsells!
➡️ Upsell to Reputation:
Discover the art of upselling reputation management services and watch as your clients eagerly invest in enhancing their online presence.

➡️ Upsell to Social Media:
Learn how to offer your clients social media marketing services that will skyrocket their brand awareness and engagement.

➡️ Upsell to Website Services:
Take advantage of upselling website services and tap into the increasing demand for online presence optimization.

➡️ Upsell to Video & SEO Services:
Unlock the potential of upselling video and SEO services. Help your clients dominate search engine rankings and harness the power of video marketing to drive conversions.
But don't just take our word for it...
Still Have Questions? No Worries!
How will Review Responder Grow My Business?

Whether you’re just getting started or a marketing vet, Review Responder creates an at-ease experience when it comes to on-demand authority in the market! AND not only that, studies have shown that the simple act of responding to review will increase your revenue upwards of 35%. Whether for your agency or for your clients, we made it easy to grow your authority and create more reach.

How Does Review Responder Work?

No more heavy lifting. Leave that to the experts…or AI. Not a fan of spending excess time crafting responses? Or the headaches of “Should I have said that or not?” The simple plug n’ play copy support WITHIN Review Responder has you covered. Review Responder uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to craft responses and allows you to make adjustments to each response with the click of a button! Review Responder scans and understands the meaning of every word in each response to ensure that you are not only validating the 5-star reviews, but building trust with the 1-star reviews. 

What if I am not tech savvy, is there any technical support included?

YES! We will get you through step-by-step setup. We also have options for 1-1 support for any further assistance needed!

How many businesses can I serve with this system?

You can add 25 businesses in Review Responder Pro. For the ambitious ones who reach that quickly, you have the ability to upgrade to unlimited.

Does Review Responder Create unique responses? 

Absolutely! In fact in many cases the content is approved through plagiarism checkers like CopyScape on the first try. Of course you can always spin as much as you need to get it cleared through any plagiarism tool

How Can This Help Me Find Customers? 

With Review Responder we deliver proven strategies to easily identify your best potential customers and step-by-step guidance on how to win them over! Every business can benefit from responding to reviews to grow its authority, create more reach, and produce more leads.


Can’t I Do This With Chat GPT Or Can’t The Client?

The good news is, you get an enterprise back office, meaning you’re the only one who can give access to the plugin. You also have a full reporting and Review Response tracking metrics. You don’t have any of that with an inferior ai system.


How Fast Can I Get Started Making Money?

That timeline is completely up to you! With an at-ease setup, Review Responder will be up and running within minutes. With an included pitch deck AND guided training to help you communicate to clients, there will be nothing holding you back from achieving success.


Do I need other software or services for this to be successful?

Review Responder is a complete solution for building your reputation in the market. Review Responder works perfectly with other reputation software solutions we offer. However, there is no need for any other software to be successful! 


Does it work in other countries?

It works everywhere where there is an English-speaking market!


⚠️ Be One of the first to get access to the copy & paste business in a box, Review Responder for an unbelievable price...

$3,500+ in NEVER-AGAIN Bonuses plus...

➡️ Private Generic Branded Chrome Extension Enterprise Plugin
➡️ Manage Up To 25 Businesses & Automatically Respond To Reviews
➡️ 1 Click Responses Using The Power Of Ai Technology

➡️ Instant Tracking Of Your All Your Review Response

➡️ Automated Comprehensive Reports Of All Your Response

➡️ Works For Any Business, On All Review Sites: Google - Amazon​
➡️ Instant Upgrade To the NEW Website Spy Technology to help you quickly and easily find businesses who need help!

YES, I WANT Review Responder!

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